Legend Of Sambo

legenda o sambo

Former white officer, now an employee of the NKVD, and master of martial arts Viktor Spiridonov meets with disgraced Soviet intelligence agent Vasily Oshchepkov, who spent a long time studying judo in Japan. They quickly find common ground because they are both obsessed with the idea of creating national self-defence art. However, their joint work soon turns into an irreconcilable confrontation. Intrigues, betrayal, and emotions will predetermine the tragic destinies of the two great creators of sambo.


Wolfgang Cerny

Dmitry Pavlenko

Alexey Shevchenkov

Anton Vokhmin

Olga Stashkevich

Pavel Abramenkov

Vyacheslav Shikhaleev

Denis Kuznetsov

Alexander Davydov

Georgy Peradze

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