What is Russian World Vision?

Russian World Vision is a team of professionals with extensive experience in the domestic and international markets.

Russian World Vision Company was founded in 2010 and carries out the commercial realization of the rights to show feature films, television series and animated films.

Throughout its existence, Russian World Vision has always distinguished itself by presenting only the most relevant projects. We cooperate with major Russian and Western partners.

Why are our partners cooperating with us?

We are constantly expanding our library of various formats and different types of content

We cooperate with all terrestrial and various TV channels

We work with all types of rights

We take part in all Russian and international film markets

Main directions

Purchase and distribution of television content for Russian and foreign broadcasting channels (including cable and satellite television)

Acquisition and distribution of VOD, PPV, mobile and Internet broadcasting rights

Purchase and distribution of DVD rights for Russian projects


Film rentals


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